"5 Conversations" - with Andy Dent

August 09, 2021 PeopleUnboxed Season 1 Episode 6
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Westy is joined by Andy Dent, Oxford Group’s Head of New Business and Marketing. Andy introduces us to 5 Conversations - Oxford Group's approach to having better discussions with your teams, colleagues and stakeholders.

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Andy Dent Intro
What is 5 Conversations?
The approach
The authors
Target audience
A global programme
Psychological Safety
Exploring the Conversations
1. Establishing a trusting relationship
2. Agreeing mutual expectations
3. Showing genuine appreciation
4. Challenging unhelpful behaviour
5. Building for the future
Mutually beneficial
Which is best?
The process
Is it all a bit "nice"?
A culture shift
5 Conversations in a hybrid world
The future of L&D
Not rocket science